Cornwall Could get its own Lending Bank

Cornwall could be in line to get their own European-funded lending for businesses bank.

The bank will be set up with around £100 million available to lend to businesses that are set up in the area or anything that would expand into the county.

It will be funded by the £500 million that Cornwall is expected to get over the next 6 years to improve its economy.

But first the scheme must be accepted by the EU and the UK.

It said in a statement: “Tens of millions of pounds would be earmarked for non-grant business funding that would be repayable and create a self-sustaining business investment fund beyond the life of the programme.

“This would recycle investment in the local economy in perpetuity and is seen as a key move away from a grant culture to a more entrepreneurial economy.”

Chairman Chris Pomfret said: “Our message to ministers is that Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have an excellent track record when it comes to investing public money wisely, but we would like the flexibility to make sure we can get the job done.

“We’re at the roadmap stage right now. Once we have agreement early next year on our final investment strategy we can work up the detailed projects that will create growth and jobs over the next seven years.”

Gay and Pride? Get special London cab discount

Top notch cab company, London Cabs, went out with a news post where they are giving discount for visitors to gay festivals across Great Britain. The initiative is been set-up after the increasing amount of hate crimes in London last year. London cabs support both gay marriage and the LGBT community (more…)

11.8% increase for Prince Charles public funding

Prince was Wales public funding went from £1,962,000 to £2,194,000 from the government grants and public aid. The travel cost and wedding of duchess of Cornwall was around £1,318,000 that is a rise from £1.08 million he would normally get.

The price paid £4,496,000 in tax this is because from his private income he had an increase of 3% to 18.3 million.

Price Charles likes to travel a lot and since his engagement with dunces have traveled to South Africa and Tanzania, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The prince also travelled to Kuwait, the United States, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, also a lot of cities around Britain.

He likes to support a lot of charities around the world and has 16 that he supports and looked to have spent around 131 million on them.


Free childcare year early in Cornwall

Hundreds of two-year-olds in Cornwall are to profit from free childcare a year early, Nick Clegg has announced.
The Deputy Prime Minister also exposed changes that will permit more parents to take benefit of the plan – already used by more than 800,000 three and four-year-olds.

It is planned that 150,000 of the the majority deprived two-year-olds across ten pilot areas will obtain up to 15 hours a week of free pre-school education from September 2013, rising to 260,000 in 2014.

Subsequent a discussion, the first areas to assist apart from Cornwall will be Blackpool, Greenwich, Kent, Lambeth, Lancashire, Newcastle, Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Rotherham.

Mr Clegg said parents will be given the option to spread their free nursery place over two days, somewhat than three, and to use the free hours between 7am and 7pm, rather than 8am and 6pm

The changes are intended to make it easier to fit the childcare around working lives.

“We’re revolutionising the early start our children get in life,” said Mr Clegg. “There will be more free childcare, it will be higher quality, and it will be more flexible for parents.

“By getting things right from the off we’re making sure our youngsters are ready to learn when they start school so that they get the most out of their education.

Cornwall set to host Bedfordshire in MCCA Trophy

Cornwall hope to get their Minor Counties season under way at the third attempt on Sunday at Truro as they host Bedfordshire in the MCCA Trophy.

The Duchy’s clash with rivals Devon was called off due to bad weather last week, while the side also saw their opening fixture against Oxfordshire succumb to rain.

With only two games left Cornwall could make the knockout stages with a win.

Not a single match in Cornwall’s group has been played so far due to weather.

Jamie Oliver congratulates latest graduates from Fifteen Cornwall

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver surprised the latest trainees at his Newquay cooking school with a visit to their graduation.

Mr Oliver opened Fifteen Cornwall in 2006, with the aim of giving young people in the county who were in need of a second chance the opportunity to become chefs.

The graduation came after four months of study at Cornwall College and a year’s hands-on experience in the Fifteen Cornwall kitchen, with further placements in other professional kitchens in the UK.

Tracy Page, course manager at Cornwall College, said: “It makes me so proud to see the Fifteen Cornwall chefs graduate each year. To work with them from the very beginning at Cornwall College, seeing them overcome challenges along the way, to the level they are all at now is fantastic.


Missed Cornwall bin collections

Householders in Cornwall have been flooding the local authority with more than 1,000 calls a day about missed rubbish collections.

The council said it was working with Cory to identify where the problems were occurring.

The authority said it had received 7,266 reports of missed collections between 10 and 16 April.

With more than 250,000 households have been affected by county-wide changes to collections after Cory Environmental Services took over services on 1 April.

Liberal Democrats on the Conservative-Independent controlled council have called for an inquiry into the “waste shambles”.

Leader Jeremy Rowe said: “There are many other important service contracts which will come up for renewal in the coming years and the council needs to handle them better than it has this one.”


Cornwall fibre broadband project ‘making strong progress

Super-fast broadband has become available to another 95,000 Cornish homes and businesses, it has been reported.

Fibre services are now available to customers served by 52 of Cornwall’s 99 telephone exchanges, as BT continues to roll out next-generation services.

“The technology is already making an important contribution to Cornwall’s future success, boosting the competitiveness of businesses whilst offering new educational and entertainment opportunities for households.

Nigel Ashcroft, Superfast Cornwall Programme Director for the Cornwall Development Company said: “At the start of the programme we set ourselves the ambitious target of rolling out the network to 90,000 Cornish homes and businesses by the end of March,” he stated.

“We more than achieved that target and are now working towards the 100,000 mark, which we expect to reach in the next few weeks.”